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NewsSep 28, 2023


Enotria: The Last Song stands once more at the gates of Tokyo Game Show, beckoning all would-be adventurers to ''become the Mask of Change and free the world of Enotria of unwilling actors, stuck in an eternal script not of their making.''

Jyamma Games, the development Italian studio behind the game, presents "Enotria: The Last Song" Live Showcase on the "TGS2023 MAIN STAGE '' on the second day of TGS, September 22nd (Friday), where various unique features of the game were introduced, including the first hands-on gameplay.

Enotria: The Last Song is a Soulslike action RPG ‘’Summer Souls’’ game AA+. It is set to release in Spring 2024, and will be available on PC via Steam and current gen consoles as PS5 and XBOX series X/S.

The playable trial version and the game features were presented by the Jyamma Games team:

  • Giacomo Greco (CEO)
  • Edoardo Basile (Business Dev. Manager)
  • Andrea Beneduci (Executive Producer)
  • Stoyan Stoyanov (Game Director)
  • Federico Ferrarese (Art Director)

The live showcase was held featuring Mirin Furukawa special guests from ""and as moderator, StuartO, who introduced this project at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.


With the occasion a new Enotria: The Last Song Technical Showcase Trailer was shown on the Tokyo Game Show 2023 stage, that went over the improvements from the transition from UE4 to UE5.

The narrator of the video, Stoyan Stoyanov (Jyamma Games Game Director), accompanies the journey starting from the main character redesign, that emphasis the markings of Ardore, the fantastical power that can be channel for spells, buffs or to alter the very world around you.

The masks have an important role in the game, as there are unique pieces of gear dropped from powerful enemies that serve as the centerpoint of up to 3 customizable Loadouts. Each loadout has its own appearance, passive, equipment and Slots where the player can put perks and abilities to make the build unique in terms of playstyle.

The combat is ensured to have solid fundamentals, as the most of the gameplay systems were redone. - Jyamma Games declare that the combat system is doing lots of small tuning and feature improvements going forward. The combat for the Technical Showcase is from a much older build, such are the woes of in-development advertising.

At the production site, the game took full advantage of Unreal Engine 5's new features such as "Nanite" and "Lumen" of the Unreal Engine 5’s and was able to achieve a quality of video that would have been unimaginable given the size of the team. Accordingly, the art direction was revised to maintain the important elements of the game ``Italian coast'' through bold colors and impressive stages.


Jyamma Games has in particular confirmed that it has reached an agreement with none other than SEGA. The house of Sonic will be responsible in particular for the publication of the Summer Souls ‘’Enotria: The Last Song’’ on the Asian market, which will therefore also be able to reach the PCs and consoles of oriental gamers, including enthusiasts residing in Japan. A decidedly important goal for the Italian studio, which aims to attract the interest of a vast international community.

We are deeply grateful to have such a strong partner as SEGA as a co-publisher in the Asian region, and development is progressing with the aim of meeting their expectations.


Already announced earlier this year, Jyamma Games confirmed that Enotria: The Last Song is coming in 2024 dubbed by the voice actor from Gintama and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The Japanese localisation will be supported with full voice acting and a gorgeous cast of voice actors, that will add color and richness to the story, by the popular Japanese voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, who will play the role of Pulcinella, the minstrel who accompanies the main character.


Enotria: The Last Song gameplay and the main features were presented for the first time to the public live on the TGS stage. The first unique point mentioned was the desire to make a colorful Souls-like game, the common name within the company is "Summer Souls." The Jyamma Games team love Souls-like games and we have a strong respect for Japanese games, hoping to create a work worthy of the Soulslike name.

The gameplay demonstration started from Mirin Furukawa who decided to take on the challenge, with advice from game director Stoyan Stoyanov. The protagonist, controlled by Mr. Furukawa, continues through the city and enters a boss battle. Although she parried the enemy's attacks many times, she was defeated by the continuous attacks and begged her to try again, but this time she was caught using a recovery item. Furukawa gave up and passed the baton to CEO Giacomo Greco. Parry and evade the boss's heavy attacks, and then land a huge damage blow when the boss is staggered. He showed brilliant play.

The first part of the gameplay focused on the importance of narration, not only through dialogues but also thanks to the expressiveness of the settings, which with their colors and details will be able to convey to the player the entire Italian history of those years. Subsequently we moved more into the heart of the gameplay, highlighting some key fights and the main mechanics. Like any self-respecting soulslike, even in Enotria: The Last Song the use of the parry as a primary defense system will be fundamental, which will allow the player to protect the character from the most dangerous attacks. All accompanied by music that clearly refers to tarantellas and popular songs typical of southern Italy.

According to game director Stoyan Stoyanov, the game presents a colorful and beautiful world, but the difficulty level is set to be high enough to be typical of Souls-like. However, being able to instantly change the loadout with the mask makes it easier to play depending on how many cards you have in your hand. There are over 20 types of masks, and they seem to be highly customizable. Stoyan Stoyanov described this work as an RPG and said that he wanted people to enjoy it as the main character he envisioned. This concludes the content of the live showcase.

At the end of the stage, CEO Giacomo Greco sent a message to Japanese game fans.

A title created by Italians from all over Europe that embodies the image of ''our ideal Italy''. We hope Japanese players will enjoy it.