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Frequently asked

What is Enotria: The Last Song?

What makes Enotria: The Last Song unique?

What platforms is it coming to?

When will I be able to play Enotria: The Last Song?

Who is developing Enotria: The Last Song?

Will there be any kind of co-op or multiplayer?

How long is the game?

What is the story of the game?

What are Masks?

What are Loadouts?

What is the Path of Innovators?

What are Lines?

How does the parry work?

Is there a RPG stats system like other Souls?

Will we have just one single ending?

What are the music inspirations for the game and will you release the official soundtrack to music streaming platforms?

Are there any books or stories from Italian folklore used as a basis for the story?

Will an Art Book of Enotria be published?

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